Most of you have heard of this when it comes to “clean eating”. The rule where you eat clean and healthy foods free from sugars and additives 80% of the time each week and allow yourself wiggle room 20% each week.  Basically you eat clean and give yourself 1 cheat meal and 2 cheat snacks per week.  It’s a great rule and once mastered you can start upping the percentage of freedom because you have taught yourself boundaries within yourself to sample and curb those binge crashes.  This is one of the first rules I try to teach a new client when working on nutritional goals.

I, however, want to switch your thinking for a moment on the 80/20 rule.  In reading “How Successful People Think” by J. Maxwell, he states that you should spend 80% of your time on your top 20%.

What does this mean?

It means you spend the most time on what you value the most to reap the most benefit.  This is an awesome tool to use when because when it is paired with a clear and focused task, you will inevitably make a breakthrough and find a more clear understanding of what is most important to you!

So now, we go back to those new clients with nutritional goals.

1. What is your ultimate goal?

2. What can you give up to achieve this goal? (And what can you utilize that you already possess to achieve your goal?)

3. Who can support you in your journey towards your goal? (And who will most likely hinder you?)

Answer each of those questions honestly and openly.  Next think about how important this is to your life.  If it is on the lower end of the scale, then most likely you will not have a lasting change because you do not value the goal enough.  If the goal is something that is of up most importance to you, then you will value it and make a lasting change.  This is 80/20. Once identified, your goal becomes your man focus.  You spend 80% of your efforts to achieve this goal because you can see the benefit and the big picture it will impose on your life and, therefore, ENHANCE your life for the better.

Think things through.  Identify your goals.  And when you’re ready, spend time on that goal until it is achieved.