Something that has recently fallen into my lap is the idea that fitness is a choice.  I have been working a lot of one on one sessions with “newbies” and the bright idea that they have control of their fitness and well-being is astounding to them.  The mere fact that an individual has the option to choose how they want to spend their active days of life and cherry pick what they feel their bodies need is suddenly a new idea to many and it literally BLOWS MY MIND! 

Seriously though.  At what point in your life did you stop thinking for yourself?  At what point did you just assume whatever you read, watched or what prescribed to you was the ONLY way to live a healthy life?  Your healthy life at that!  That is when I realized one of the many road blocks to living a healthy life is the automated mindset.

Automated mindset is when you read/watch about some new fitness kraze, implement and continually try until you get burned out on it and get zero results.  Automated mindset is when a physician or person of medical advisement preaches to you to completely avoid or to never “fool with” a certain type of exercise or any exercise for that matter because it probably isn’t for you.  Automated mindset is the death of your ability to choose how your active years will be spent and therefore cutting them shorter and shorter.

NEWSFLASH:  You can choose what you want to do with your life for the simple fact that it is yours to choose.  Just because your physician says you are good to go, think about how you really feel and if that feeling is good to go.  Just because you see women plastered all over magazines talking about their 1200 calorie diets, think about how realistic it is for you to limit your food intake to that little and if it seems like something you would enjoy.  Just because you see women running all the time to stay fit, ask yourself if you even like to run. 

The key to making a choice to being your own advocate in your well-being, is to actually think about what makes you happy.  Choose happiness first and the real decision will come to light.  When you can find joy in the little things you do every day to enhance your health and well-being, your choices will become easy and clear.  Be your own advocate in fitness.  Take charge of your health and search out the answers.  Just because a door is closed in your face doesn’t mean you can’t take a window to get where you need to be in life.  Choose happiness always!

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