One of my absolute favorite muscle groups to work is the BOOTY!  I love the feeling of a sore tush from heavy squats, explosive lunge jumps and dumbbell RDLs.  Call me crazy but there is something invigorating knowing that I trained muscle groups at a high enough intensity to directly cause a change.  That direct change is the driving force behind my workouts.  I want to see, feel and experience results from my due diligence and you should too!

The booty can be a little hard to target because so many of us practice improper body mechanics to fully utilize all the glute muscles.  From the top of your hips all the way down to your butt cleavage, there are 3 different glute muscles.  Isolating them can be just the trick you need to a perkier rounded bum and I am gonna dish out my favs!

The “top butt” is the hardest to target.  I like activating these during my warm up.  I use bands placed just above the knee (sling shot brand) and do a variation of side steps, forward waddles and side lying clam lifts.  Any time I use a band, I go til it starts to burn and then rep out 10-15 more reps.

The “middle butt” is typically used when the “large butt” is activated because it lays just underneath itHeavy front squats, isolated lunges and dumbbell RDLs are all perfect for targeting both muscle groups.  On your heavy front squats, make sure you are driving your hips back and down and forcing the knees out on the ascent.  For the dumbbell RDLs, focus on keeping the abs tight and the chest out to isolate the hinge in the hip.  This opens the glute muscles up greatly so you can get a big contraction and squeeze.

Typically in #fastfitness fashion, I finish off the booty with a combination of plyo squat jumps, plyo lunge jumps and plyo hip thrusters off the bench.  These are perfect for “burning out” those muscles and creating muscle fatigue.  Work off time limits to go harder!

Here is a perfect #fastfitness booty burner:

Warm up: 100 yd blue band side steps + 50 clam shells on each side

A1: 5×5 Front squat (heavy) + 10 DB RDLs

A2: 3×8 DB Lunges + 20 plyo hip thrusters

A3: 2×20 Plyo lunges + 50 yd blue band forward waddle

Finisher: 5 min MAX REP body weight squat jump


Remember to always scale back when you feel your form is starting to fail or fatigue compromises.  The legs should feel like burning jello!  Let me know how the workout goes!  I love getting feedback!  The full #fastfitness program will be available for purchase in 2 weeks!  Super stoked to have a fitness program that can fit every woman’s needs for fast, effective and attainable workouts!