You are a mom.  You wear the superwoman cape and do it all.  Every one is taken care of and what is left are pieces of you to scrounge together to wake up and do it all over again the next day.  This is a very true cycle that almost all mothers face.  We give, we take care of, we provide for all of those around us and push ourselves to the back burner.  Hormonally this is damaging.  It has the same lasting effects of yo-yo dieting, cigarette smoking and binge eating.  Hormonally you are in disarray and nothing seems to work and what is left is an empty shell of a once vibrant and confident woman.

So what do most women in your shoes do? Try this diet for a week or so. Try this new workout craze for a few days.  Be good and diligent for 3 days straight, then you must “reward yourself” for being so good with a cookie, or your kids left over happy meal fries. You see the before and after pictures and think that is totally gonna be me.  Let me tell you a secret…. None of that BS works!  Consider them blankets covering a larger issue that is soon to resurface.

So where to start? You don’t have time to dilly dally around with 2 hour long workouts or hours in the kitchen making some bland ass meal.  Pick and choose your battles wisely. For me, I hate spending time cooking because I don’t have the extra time to spend an hour cooking and then clean up the kitchen post dinner apocalypse.  I do crockpot, I do Japanese take out (no rice, just meat and veggies), I do 5 ingredient or less meals that take one pan and no more than 10 min to fix.  I stick to the basics that give my body what it needs.  Protein + Carb + Fat is my recipe and I fill in the blanks accordingly.

For workouts, strive for 3-4 days per week.  There is no magic pill.  Mix in 2 days of sprint (High Intensity training).  Think sprints in the driveway (10 of them for time) or 100 burpees for time or 1000 jump rope for time. Also, add in heavy strength training 3 days a week.  The heavy strength training, done properly and under supervision, will help reset those cortisol levels that are so jacked from the stress of raising children and off set your body from storing everything for fat.  This is called metabolism! We all have it and we must find the secret formula that works for us individually because punching people isn’t approved of.

Lastly, stick to something for more than two weeks.  Seriously.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and you sure didn’t pack on those lbs in a solid week.  It’s going to take time.  Consistency + Persistency over time equals results. Show up to your CrossFit class or bootcamp workout even though your sore AF.  Take the time for extra mobility and recovery.  Don’t treat yourself with bad habits when you’ve only eat the way you should be 24/7.  It is going to take a good 2 weeks for your body to adjust.  Another 2 weeks for you to notice a difference.  Another 2-4 for those close to you to see a change. And another 2-4 weeks for those who see you occasionally to notice a difference in yourself.  That is a minimum of 3 months straight of sticking to it (remember consistency + persistency).

You deserve to have you time.  You are a person too. You deserve to be the healthiest version of yourself not only for your well-being but as an influence to your kids!