As I am re-reading up on the Whole30, it starts with a simple quote.

 “Whatever you are seeking- improvement in energy, mood, focus, sleep, athletic performance, symptoms, medical conditions, body composition or quality of life… it starts with food”.

If you just sit and resonate on that statement, it is such a powerful one!  I tell clients all the time, you don’t just eat because you have a hole in your head, you feed your body because it needs to perform.  So as you sit down for your meals and look at your plate, ask yourself one question.

Does this food I am about to consume make me more healthy or less healthy?  The choice is yours.


My favorite go to nutritional guide is the Whole 30.  It gives perfect insight as to what your specific body can tolerate and what it cannot.  It teaches you rather than restricts you.  You learn your body and gut in a way that no other program can and it sets you up for lifelong success!  Get your copy here >>> Whole 30