For over 10 years, I have practiced and perfected the art of planning a workout for an individual.   You are looking to lose weight (most every one is to a certain degree) and you just don’t know where to start.  Should you focus on cardio?  Should you do HIIT training?  Should you lift heavy?  Should you practice mind/body work? Do you want the magical answer?

Yes.  You should do ALL THE THINGS.

The kicker is to assess where you are right now to see where you fit in the mold.

For instance, you haven’t done a workout in months or even years.  You are dreading the whole process in general but know this is something you need to start making apart of your daily life.  Baby steps girlfriend.

Maybe you currently workout now but are getting no where.  You have been exercising off and on the last several weeks but no changes, no progress and no drive to keep steadying the course.

Where ever you are in the mix you need to start with your mindset.  It is completely necessary for you to have your mind made that change is coming, its going to be hard at times but it is TOTALLY  something you want for yourself.  If you fail to take this first step, you will fail at some point in your workout plan.  I can 100% guarantee that baby girl.  So if you are serious about making a change, say this to yourself right now… “I am willing and ready to do what it takes to become healthy and fit”.  You now own this mantra and it is your fuel!

So if you are a baby beginner, light and manageable is where you will start.  Focus on 2-3 days per week doing mind/body work, 2 days of HIIT work and 1 day of full body strength.  As you build your confidence in strength training, you can do less mind/body work or shortened versions and work up to 3-4 days of strength training.  It is key to do little baby increments with your workouts and not overwhelm yourself with #allthethings in the beginning!

If you are stuck in a rut with your workouts and needing to implement a change, I would recommend focusing on lifting heavy 3-4 days per week, HIIT 2 days each week and up to 2 days of mind/body work.  When it comes to actually chaining the shape of your body, LIFTING HEAVY IS KEY!  You will not and cannot change the way your body looks and is shaped unless it is under stress of heavy ass weight! No amount of metabolic workouts or running miles and miles will do the job for you like a barbell can.

I have worked with hundreds of women over the last 10 years and one thing I have successfully implemented with all of them is the notion that less is more and heavy is better.  Less time in the gym with effective workouts is the key to a happy and healthy body.  Side note is to also be super intuitive with it.  We are women that have circulating hormones.  These hormones can drag us down or lift us up depending on which week it is, ya feel me.  Know when to push and when to pull back based off what your body is telling you for the day.  Not to mention a proper diet and adequate sleep (but thats another post!).

The art of planning a workout is both fun and exciting.  You are working with the ideal of your future outcome.  Who couldn’t be excited about what their body can potentially do and become in given amounts of time.  It’s a process that can take a solid year to build up a comfort with but SOAK IT UP and have fun with it!  If you aren’t having fun with your workouts, switch those babies up!  Life is too short for crappy long workouts.