Over the course of the next several weeks, you will be getting tons of invites to parties.  Initial reaction, “YAY so much fun!“.  Secondary thought, “oh crap I’ve gotta drop 5lbs to fit into a dress and starve myself so I can eat all the foods.“.  You and I both know that we’ve been there a time or two.  This holiday season, can we make a promise to each other?  Lets commit to a different approach when we RSVP to all the parties, deal?

RSVP to the fun.

RSVP for friendships.

RSVP to delicious foods you haven’t had since last year.

RSVP to being your authentic self in the moment.

You will go and have so much more fun without the expectation to be perfect or to binge (and crash).  When we live our life authentically and free of judgement, you will find that your circle will become much more supportive and accepting of you and you of them.  But as much as we are committing to RSVP’ing to go to the party with no stipulations, I also want you to make another promise….

For the next two months, you will stay committed and consistent with your workouts WITHOUT punishment.

You will not punish yourself via workout for over indulging.

You will not workout any more than normal UNLESS you reallllly want to.

You will love your body and accept it for what it is capable of in this moment.

You will commit to prioritizing your workouts despite how crazy your daily schedule gets.

You can fall into the rabbit hole the next 2 months and start 2019 10lbs heavier with regrets or you can stay the course and love each moment along the merry ole way still strong AF!  You get to decide today!