This Holiday season you will be riddled with choices.  Which party are you going to?  What sweater are you wearing?  Which dessert are you bringing? What in the world are you getting your dad for Christmas (this is always the hardest for me!)?  But there are also some other choices you get to make this holiday season that will make your holidays the most wonderful time of the year!

Choice No. 1:  Your right to say NO

You can say no to all the things you don’t want to do.  Seriously.  Start practicing now by being honest and open about saying no and owning it.  The worst thing you can do is commit to a party, family gathering, dinner or sign up that you’ve got to fake smile at.  If you aren’t going to be showing that beautiful genuine smile of yours, then just say no and leave it at that.

Choice No. 2:  Your choice to avoid toxic people

Maybe its an old friend, a co-worker, a family member or that one person who comes around this time of year that eats at your skin or even makes you feel uncomfortable.  Regardless of their title, you do not have to be around them.  Don’t let someone’s bad vibes bring you down.

Choice No. 3:  Your right to stand firm in your beliefs

Maybe for the last 10 months you have done amazing at swearing off dairy because it is something that doesn’t serve your body well.  You’ve made awesome choices and stuck to it.  Don’t let grandma sweet talk you into having her chocolate mousse just because its Christmas.  And further more, don’t let the sales people talk you into over spending on bullshit night cream that you don’t need because you have 10 already at home.  And even further, don’t let the view points of others steal your holly jolly because you are being authentic AF.  Own yourself, your beliefs and what you stand for, the rest can fall to the side.

If you have a pit in your stomach facing the holidays and the anxiety it can bring you, start asking yourself and giving solid answers to these three areas.  Commit to them and own them because this is the most wonderful time of the year. The Christmas magic and Thanksgiving wonder are all around and thriving inside you.  Let it out and have an amazing holiday season!  Make sure you are on my email list at for more holiday tips in the coming weeks!