If you are aiming for a New Year full of health, fitness, healthy foods that serve your body well and meaningful relationships, you may need to drop your 2018 habits. You know those tendencies you fell trap to when life got a little crazy? Yea those are what will sabotage your success in 2019!

Some old mindset paths that are holding you back are deep rooted. You don’t struggle year after year with keeping weight off because of the wrong diet plan. No you struggle because consistency fails, impatient prevails and just plain laziness kicks in. But your goals and ambitions for 2019 are not going to suffer from self sabotage. Follow these suggestions to beat the old habits so you can make space for new effective ones!

#1- Small consistency wins.

Add in one habit at a time. Practice being really good at this one thing. Maybe its drinking enough water every day. Start by gradually adding in oz. until you work up to 56-64oz. You will know you are ready for a new habit to add in when you don’t have to think about getting your water in. Maybe this takes a week or a month, regardless be consistent with getting the reps in at being really good at just one thing. More tips can be found HERE!

#2- Stick to deadlines.

We often get discouraged because what seems like forever of practicing something positive should give us an immediate result. Transformation takes time. The more due diligence you put in to practice, your benefit will reap. Give yourself some hard deadlines before considering evaluating. We know healthy eating takes anywhere from 6-12 weeks to see progress. Pick a date on the calendar and then turn on automated mode. Don’t give yourself the option to cheat or opt out of it because of lack of results until you hit your hard deadline, then adjust based off your results and keep pursing. This is a long game and quick fixes also give us quick fails too.

#3- Action in the am.

I get it that you already get up at the crack of dawn. Me too girl. But no matter what your schedule brings, the earlier you get those hard task done, the more prompt you are to take further positive action. Maybe its meal prepping- do it first thing in the am before work instead of scrambling 30 minutes before dinner. Or get your workout in before your kids and family need you. This gives you time to take immediate action that is all about you in a positive way. Positive action leads to positive action.

If you are looking for your kickstart cheat sheet, check out my New Year Kickstarter +1 campaign. This free download gives you all the insights you need to tackle your old bad habits and make room for your new healthy habits one at a time for a successful start to 2019!