When it comes to making a lasting change in your health and fitness, I want you to think of it like a security check point at the airport. One person at a time is cleared through and on the other side of security is this whole other wonderful world inside the airport. Full of freedom and autonomy, your health and fitness is just like that when you allow one healthy habit to take precedent at at time.

After working one on one with women for the last 12 years, I find every New Year is the same song and dance. The pressure to do all the diets, workouts and every “magic trick” all at once to get that picturesque physique is real. I get that in theory, doing all the things would lead to quick results but you and I both know how this story goes. 2 months later, you’re discouraged, tired and most likely no real progress. One of two routes seems likely to take: do more or quit. However, I know that doing more means metabolic distress and quitting is no option in my book.

So many women are stuck in this struggle year after year, maybe even you.

This year, let’s do something different. Something different to get real results that you reap the benefits from in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. But first, we’ve got to clarify some boundaries where to start. I might even suggest you do some things that you are not inclined to do at all due to simplicity. We are stripping it down to the absolute basics and getting really good at the little things so we can dive deeper into the real problems. Self sabotage is out the door from the beginning.

I want you to list out your top 3 health and fitness goals for 2019. Maybe its lose 10lbs, run a 1/2 marathon, fit into some smoking hot dress or just fuckin feel better about yourself. Whatever they are, write them down. Then with each goal, write out 3 traits of a person who is successful at that goal. Maybe its someone who lost 30lbs in 6 months. That person would make exercise a priority, drink lots of water and limit processed foods. Now, evaluate your current state, which habit is the easiest to start adding in? Could be drinking more water, so you drink water until that become second nature. It may take a few days or a couple of weeks. The moment you no longer feel the need to remind yourself, you layer on the next habit that is the easiest to add in. So on and so on.

Transformation doesn’t happen in just a 30 day program. It takes time, it takes complete change in the way you think, operate and act. The acting is what gives you your direct results but isn’t possible until you change the way you think and operate. Stripping it down to basic habits allow space for you to grow beyond your old ways.

For more ideas how you can make your 2019 a plus 1 this year, check out my cheat sheet I created just for you HERE. I’ll be sending out tons more workouts, recipes and tips to keep you on track this year. Remember, we are in this journey together!