There is this preconceived idea that if you don’t have an hour to workout, you are not able to fully get an effective workout in. This seems totally bizarre to me because who even has that much time to give these days to a workout of all things? I know I sure don’t with work, kids, hubby and all the errands run in between. Exactly why I started focusing on time effective workouts done in under 22 minutes to give me more time for the fun stuff in life!

Time is that precious thing you take for granted and can never get back. I started using an online grocery pick up service just so I can save more time from walking around the grocery store and I used to claim that “I liked looking around in the grocery store at all the things” BS. I take the shortest routes to get places. I use a crockpot/instapot to speed up dinner time. All this to give myself more time with the things I love doing like spending time with my kids and hubby, taking walks with my dogs and catching up with my girlfriends for #fitventures! So why not make your workout just as effective so you can have more time for the fun stuff?

Here are 3 ways I make the most of my time so I have more time for fun:

1- Online grocery pick up

For about the last 3 months, I have been using the Walmart app to order my groceries online. I was a little skeptical at first but bit the bullet and gave it a try. NEVER again will I grocery shop in the store (unless its for a single item!). Weekly grocery runs are done in LITERALLy 60 seconds! WHAT?!?! Yes, since most people eat the same 20-30 foods, a lot of what I am ordering is a re-order and already in “most used” items cart. So I plan dinners ahead of time, order in 5 minutes, schedule pick up on my way home and BOOM, I have saved myself 45 minutes of meandering around the grocery store getting distracted by seaweed snacks.

2- Overlap scheduling

I have two kids that are at the age where they are starting to get into sports and extra-curriculars. As much as I can, I try to choose sign up times that are on the same days and around the same times. This allows me to block my time to do almost all the kids extra stuff in one day/afternoon at a time. No mom has time to run 30 minutes here and there 6 days a week. Block the time if possible and double down! You can also take advantage of the time by picking up your groceries then, listening to a podcast or taking a walk around the block while your kid is occupied!

3- Workouts in 22 minutes or less

This is HUGE! I only have about 4 hours a day to myself, meaning I don’t have to pick up my kids or be obligated to them. The rest is my work schedule and time for extra things for myself. I started solely doing 22 minute or less workouts and my time effectiveness has doubled! I get my workout done in minimal time with maximal output, which gives me a boost in energy to focus and take care of work issues that need to be handled. I also can squeeze in some self care time for me like getting my nails or lashes done! A total WIN in my book without sacrifice!

Starting looking at your schedule and how you can save time and energy. What can be shortened, doubled down on or just done away with? I know I need to workout for a multitude of reasons so that will never go away but shortening to 22 minutes or less and getting BIG metabolic burn that serves my goals is ideal for me!

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