Growing up, everyone ask you “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. It’s an endless mirage of questioning for a teenager. And when you don’t have a solid answer to give, the next follow up question is “well what are you passionate about?”.

Here’s the thing.

Your passions will evolve just like you grow and become a mature adult.

All I knew when I was a teen, was that I wanted to help people. I wanted to make a difference in people’s life. I also knew that I liked to push people to discover knew strengths within themselves. And living an active lifestyle and being drawn to constant movement, I knew it had to involve physical activity.

Naturally I went to college to become a physical therapist. A debilitating car wreck that had me miss a semester of college set me back from the perfect track course I had planned for myself. So instead of going in to PT school burnt out already, I opted for the corporate side of fitness. Fast forward, meeting the love of my life, opening our dream gym and having three babies has crashed me to where I am in life current.

So where does my “passion” fit now?

Well there has been a shift. My need to help change lives and over a decade of doing that has transferred into my purpose. My passion has evolved in the form of fashion, decor and bringing to life aesthetics that would other wise seem dull. I know have a purpose and a passion.

I have always loved dresses. As a little girl, my papaw would call me “mess in a dress” because that is literally all I would wear. At the age of 34, I still LOVE dresses. Short ones, frilly ones, long comfy ones, colorful ones and even a simple LBD, my closet is full of them! So why not share my love for pretty things (steals, deals and how to dress them up) for other women?!

I am still changing their life by helping boost their confidence in themselves. I may not be dishing meal plans and workouts non-stop but I have been able to infiltrate my passion along with my purpose. And that makes me happy!

So you may be seeing tips and tricks to find those super cute dresses. And you may be getting a full body workout that can be done in 30 minutes or less. You may be getting delicious recipes that even the laziest chef can make. And you may get an outfit inspo for your date night. There is not set structure for my life right now other than following my passion and my purpose! And special thanks to you for riding on this journey with me!