You’ve spent the last several years building up your professional career, taking care of your family and pouring your heart in to every cause that touches your soul.  Yet, somehow you still feel unfulfilled and searching for more.  #Purpose2passion  is designed for women who are in need of more.  More direction, more fulfillment and more guidance to bring them out of their purpose and in to their passion.


I have found that in my own personal journey of growth and professional development that there comes a point when you have achieved a level of success on your own and to grow beyond that success you need a regrouping from an outsiders perspective to identify where your energy imbalances are, true passion lies and how to level up to your higher calling.  #Purpose2passion is your first step to identify your ideal client/cause, master the marketing to speak directly to them and transcend fully into your true passion to get the most out of your life!





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