Have you ever felt completely and utterly in awe of the power of gratitude?  Like to the point you are astonished as to how and why you deserve such good and support in life?  This weekend, I felt that.  I felt the most gratitude that it has moved me to give more of myself than ever.

The funny thing about life is that when you feel like you are giving all of yourself into something, you feel inspired and moved by others to dig down and give even more of yourself.  Let me paint a picture for you.

1 week ago, we had 7 days to move our business (if you are new here, my husband and I own a performance training gym).  We found a place at the end of December, I was forced to sign a lease agreement before being able to do any due diligence and inspections and got stuck into a terrible situation.  Completely inoperable for a business to be in, let alone a gym to have people breathing heavy in.  We had already given our notice at our current location and the next tenants were to be in there by January 15th!  1 week to go and no where to go.  You can imagine the panic!

We found an ideal location in town, open space like we need it and just the right people to help bring it together.  Even though we are closed for a week, we have the absolute best members that helped us move, participate in online challenges this week and showing more support than we can imagine. The gratitude is coming through full force!

To me, gratitude is being able to accept being thankful for something/someone AND also being able to bounce it straight back.  This means give more of myself creatively,  coaching harder to our members and cultivating the ideal community around me.  I receive gratitude and shine light out for others.  When was the last time you felt that way?  What can you do to shine out gratitude to others and have the notion that you need absolutely nothing in return?

Make a list of 3 self less things you can do today to express gratitude.  Maybe is paying it forward, volunteering your time to help an old lady get her groceries or maybe its dropping off an extra bag of dog/cat food at your local shelter.  The list is endless and I challenge you to get creative in your giving.  Show gratitude for simply being able to give without expectation.

To our members, I am forever grateful for your support.  To our future members, get ready.  Ive got more opportunity coming your way than you can imagine!  Programming, scheduling, growth, mindset, competition, community and charity are all in the works.  I may be physically out of the gym for a week but I am covered head to toe in how I am giving it back full force starting next week!