One thing I am certain of is Life Happens.  It happens constant and regularly.  Just when you are cruising through your day to day routine, happy as a clam, boom life throws you a curve ball and you need to adjust.  Be it big or small, life comes up and at times it can seem like the most inopportune time.  But just because life happens, your health doesn’t have to suffer.  I know this first hand!

Let me paint a picture of my last two weeks…

We have moved our business and got pigeoned holed into needed to completely up fit a place.  This takes time and I had no time other than to make/take the time.  The last week and half, we have been closed for up fitting our new location.  This may seem like an ideal down time to most, however, I am going stir crazy to get back to routine because LIFE!  We had snow, we had delays along the process, we had delays in construction and we’ve had tons of support.  Internally, I have had chaos because I am out of my regular routine and not impacting lives around me.  Externally, life still goes on and I must accept and flow.

One thing that hasn’t suffered tremendously is my health.  I haven’t been able to stick to my regular workouts but I have gotten walks in with the dogs, yoga and mobility at home and of course the January 100 Rep Challenge from JBFit!  This has kept my body moving, grooving and able to process all the different and new challenges life is throwing my way.  Another thing I have found to be simple is my nutrition.

My day to day food routine is pretty regular.  I eat the same 20-30 foods week in and week out.  I keep it simple because the less I have to think about, the more focused I can be on bigger decision.  So with that, I keep my food simple.  This has been HUGE during the chaos of the last week and a half.  Because I have created a routine habit with my foods, life doesn’t throw my health and nutrition off course.  Let me repeat, because I keep my foods routine and habitual, life doesn’t throw my meal plans off.  There is no guilt on top of the chaos, there is no added stress amidst the crazy and there is no repercussions in my body happening because my life went off path for a little bit.

You guys, this is MAJOR KEY! Start focusing your day to day routine in creating normalcy with your nutrition.  Keep is simple and direct.  You eat because you have goals and are fueling your body.  Stick to that like glue.  Because one thing is for certain, life will happen and it will get messy and chaotic.  Your nutrition and fitness doesn’t have to suffer because of that.  Take action steps now so that you can have ease of mind when you need it most.

“Make choices, not excuses

Find your non-negotiables.  Breakfast is always a protein and a fruit (I love me some Blackberries), lunch is full of salad and protein (this is the time I have my starches for the day), snacks are protein and something a little sweet and dinner is simple veggies and protein.  Thats my basics.  I fill in the gaps as needed and adjust as I go.  Its mindless and filling.

This is your time and consider this your warning.  You will have rough times in life and busy times in life.  You don’t have to suffer because of that!  I believe in you and if I can survive the craziness that is the last week and half of my life, you can come out on top too!


Its not to late to download the January 100 Rep Challenge.  Do this challenge any month you need to by simply clicking the link, adding your email and the calendar will be sent straight to your inbox!