Are you tired?

Are you lacking motivation in your workouts?

Are you feeling underwhelmed every time you try to work out?

Maybe instead of naturally thinking you should start doing more, you should start doing less!  Overtraining is a real problem.  It’s a problem because hormonally it can really jack up your metabolism for the long haul.  I have seen far too many women come in looking for answers because they cannot lose weight no matter what, they are fatigued and at their whits end.  This is Metabolic Syndrome.  A place that can feel like a dead end road of hormonal misery but can be reversed with the right formula of nutrition, exercise and sleep!

When you mix high intensity with high volume for long periods of time, you will start to experience the metabolism dislike you are putting your body through.  Nutrition fails, sleep fails and exhausting an over worked body is bad news for the immune system.  This is a no-no for the long run because a suppressed immune system can invite a whirl wind of health issues to creep in, including Metabolic Syndrome.

Instead of quitting, try doing this:

  1. Make sleep a priority. Sleep is when your body naturally resets itself. If you are lacking or needing more, make the time and sleep until your body feels rested.  Eventually you can reset your sleep/wake cycles to work for you naturally without stimulants.
  2. Nutrition is key. Eliminate negative inflammation foods will do a multitude of benefits for your body. I always suggest a go to of Paleo or Whole 30 -30 day challenge.
  3. Refocus on movement patterns instead of movement output. If you aren’t in a proper training program then this means taking the time for progression, regression and technique work.

Don’t give it and throw in the towel with over training.  Find another way.  There are tons of different outlets and methods to utilize when it comes to fitness!