With jean season approaching quickly, do you find yourself wanting a tighter butt?  If you’re like me, you’ve been wearing sun dresses, workout shorts and mumus all summer to avoid the heat.  Girl, I hate to break it to you, but those leggings aren’t cutting it anymore and good looking denim is where its at this Fall! I get that it may be a little uncomfortable at first, which is why I wanna give you 3 ways to a tighter bootay!

Now, let me throw this disclaimer out there.  Will doing these three things once make your booty look like a top shelf back up dancer? Nah.  Will doing these three things make your rump shake it like a salt shaker? Mmm not quite.  However, doing these three things with your regular workouts over the course of a few weeks and even months if you’re super dedicated to the cause of a Beyonce booty, will get you closer to a tighter butt and better looking jeans girlfriend!

Let me just tell you that in my case specifically “she got it from her momma” ya know what Im saying?!  I was blessed with a booty, however, father time is trying to steal it way and I ain’t having it.  I found myself at the beginning of the summer seeing the slump of the rump even in my shorts.  I wasn’t impressed and a little disappointed, I’m not gonna lie.  So instead of sulking and hiding under maxi dresses, I started working on my little problem area before it became a big problem area.  

I lift moderately heavy weights about 3-4 times a week. I would say that I get in full body most of my workouts just by the nature of what I do, however, sometimes my upper body is a little more sore than usual. I got right to it and started adding in these 3 movements to my current workouts to help perk the perculator. 

  1. Hill Sprints

These are such a great go to because can do them anywhere (treadmill or outdoors) and anyone can do them.  My sprint speed may be different from yours but it doesn’t mean we aren’t both climbing in an uphill fashion as fast as we can. Hill sprints are great because with each step you are forcing the glutes to open up as you bring your knee forward and when you bring the heel down you force the glutes to squeeze all the way.  In other terms, you get the most bang for your booty out of any cardio form!

  1. Step ups higher than 90 degrees

Ah these aren’t always everyones favorite just because you feel sooo unstable.  I suggest a 20” box to start, then creep it up to 24-30”.  If you are new to the fitness game, body weight will be plenty for you and focus on slow controlled movements.  If you have been exercising for a while, think about adding in some dumbbells on these BUT the moment you start falling all over the place and losing control, drop the weights.  Stand up tall with each step up and squeeze the booty!

  1. Barbell hip thrusters

This is probably a completely new movement for you but will soon become your absolute fave!  I LOVE going super heavy on these but if they are new to you, start out body weight and work your way up.  Laying perpendicular on the bench with your shoulder blades resting on top, knees at 90 degrees, barbell resting across your hips (its parallel to the bench). Driving through the heels, you want to press your hips up towards the sky and squeeze the living daylights outta your booty!  Work in sets of 4-5 and reps of 10-12.  Like I said, these will quickly become a fav of yours too because dang they make my cheeks sore!

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