Do you know what’s missing from that awesome strength workout or cardio workout you are doing right now?  A finisher!  What is a finisher you might ask?  It’s the cherry on top of your workout that literally finishes you off in the best way!  And you will thank me later for letting you in on these sweet babies.

When it comes to programming a workout, you’ve got strength, mobility, cardio, core and everything in between.  We can isolate each one individually, combine a couple or even super-focus on aspects of them.  This is the beauty of programming because it can morph and evolve into whatever your goals and needs are!

One of the biggest game changers I have found over the last 10 years of working with women, is the importance of shaking things up and finishing them off.  Shaking things up comes down to varying the program for the individual (that’s on me).  Finishing off that workout comes down to drive!

It really takes drive to give it all you’ve got when you are at the end of your workout!

My ONE important piece of advise when it comes to incorporating finishers to your workouts, DO NOT COMPROMISE YOUR FORM!

Give these finishers a try over the next couple of weeks with your workouts and let me know what you think!  


5 min AMRAP
3 burpees
6 squats
9 alternating lunges


10 min EMOM
Even minuteSprint on treadmill/or outside
Odd minute10 DB Thruster (squat + press)


2 rounds total
Plyo Lunges1 min
Alternating step ups1 min
Squat jumps1 min
Squat pulses1 min


10 rounds
Assault bike :30
 Weighted sit up10 reps


8 min AMRAP
Man makers (Burpee with DB press)5 reps
Reverse lunge5 each leg
Double Under
(double reps for singles)
10 reps


5 rounds
Treadmill sprint:45
Push up10 reps
V-up10 reps


6 min EMOM
Even minutePlank
Odd minuteBicycle crunch


3 rounds
Step up with reverse lunge10 each leg
Plyo lunges20 total
Hanging leg raise30 reps


10 min AMRAP
Box jump10 reps
 Wall ball (with squat)15 reps


3 rounds
Bike20 cals
Jump50 Double unders

Remember, these are great to stick on at the very end of your workout.  Ideal, a 20 minute lifting session followed by one of these bad boys!  BOOM, you are done and out the door in 30 minutes!  I don’t know about you, but that fits perfectly into my busy schedule.

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