The next time someone tries to sell you on a quick fix, walk away sister, walk away.  As a fitness professional full of degree and experience with hundreds of women, you cannot “lose belly fat in 10 days”, “tone your arms in 2 weeks” or even “drop 3 pant sizes with one delicious drink”.  It’s all marketing bullshit and I want to break it all down for ya girl!

Years ago in my early twenties, I was obsessed with Glamour magazines.  I loved them.  I felt like my inner Carrie from Sex and the City was super charged full of fashion, quick workouts and how to drop weight quick via airbrushed models.  Obviously being educated on the body and having a clear mind, I knew other wise.  However, I was just so drawn to the idea that these things were a possibility.  The idea that you can have what you want in a matter of mere days is what everyone wishes for.  But this isn’t DisneyLand and there are no magic wands floating around.

Fast forward to now with the magic of the world wide web, and everyone is a fitness coach, we all know how to lose body fat via whatever diet plan is sold MLM style and this magic little pill has all you need to be exactly like that airbrushed cover model you have idealized over for years.  The underlying theme:  we are all looking for encouragement, inspiration and support.  The side effects of these FADs:  its false advertising, you lose hope and hop from one quick fix to the next only to end up in worse shape than when you started and you are completely oblivious to the negative side effects these things can do to your body.  I had a lady once who had done these shakes for months on end and lost so much hair, muscle tone and pride in her “new skinny self” that she wanted to just give up on everything health and fitness.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  There are ways to achieve the goals we want but first and foremost you’ve got to understand that its gonna take time.  The process is your inspiration not your final destination so soak it all up!

Here is a quick reference go to:

Want to lose belly fat: eat your greens and walk lots

Want to change the shape of your body: lift heavy weights

Want to drop a pant size: lift heavy weights and eat your greens

Want to destress: lift heavy weights and walk

Want to elevate your life: lift heavy, walk, eat your greens

There is no magic formula.  It’s simple and basic.  They key is to stay consistent and focused with your goals.  You have the power in-between your two ears to achieve your fitness goals.  You don’t need to be sold on a $100 nasty ass drink, $50 pill that may be just like taking a tic-tac or a miracle pill.  Let’s use our heads and a little common sense girlfriend.  I want you to have complete success with full ownership of that.

If you’ve been stuck on the FAD wagon for a while and need some direction, shoot me a message at and let’s talk about it.  Together we can come up with the perfect formula for your final success story!