Are you trusting the process when it comes to your fitness?  I know you are knee deep in it right now and probably don’t even recognize where you are in the grand scheme of your fitness journey but I wanted to enlighten you a little.  This road is going to be long, curvy and seem like its never ending.  Then all of a sudden you are driving along slowly in a meadow of beautiful flowers, sweet baby deer munching on Daisys and tiny leprechauns swimming in pots of gold.  Far fetched, but lets talk about trust.

What does trust mean to you when it comes to your own self?

For me, it means that I will make the right decisions for my body and mind when I need them without prompt.  It also means that I will be discerning when presented with an opportunity to quit or give up on myself.  When I am trusting myself, I am not judging her based on workouts she is or isn’t doing.  I am not critiquing every food choice that passes my lips.  When I am trusting myself, I am letting my future go-getter dream self run her authentic court in my life.

You read the words that I mention like moderation, intuitive training and mindset shifts.  But those don’t just come about.  You don’t just suddenly eat moderately one day.  You aren’t intuitively training based off a cool workout move you saw or what day of the week it is.  The first step in working towards those movements as I will call them, is trust.  You have to trust that by working to practice these movements, you will be moving in a positive direction in your health and fitness journey.  But trusting yourself can be hard when you have a hard time trusting others and yourself.

Maybe you had a bad relationship.  Perhaps you had some girlfriend talk about you behind your back.  Or maybe you have failed yourself by falling for gimmick after fitness gimmick.  The trust game can be a difficult one.

When working with women, I like to start with small wins.  Maybe its a 2 day per week commitment to workout in some form or fashion that builds confidence.  Then we start adding in daily walks on our lunch breaks.  Next step is kicking the diet soda.  Maybe then we add in some weight training.  And after getting acclimated to the weights we adjust our macros and micros to fuel our bodies better.  So on and so on the story goes.  No one tells you about the last minute appointments that get in the way of your workouts.  Or that its rained every day for 2 weeks straight and you cant walk on your lunch break.  Or that you will gain some weight when you start lifting weights because its our bodies response to  metabolism shifts, which is a total mind F.  Or that macros are so freaking confusing.  It’s a trust process.

More importantly its a process that takes a long time.

Practice trusting yourself.  Practice trusting others.  Practice being in the moment with where you are because its the last time you will be in that place.  Maybe its the scale or pant size or PR with your weight or who even know what, just be present and trust the process that has lead you to your current state.  If you ever find yourself in a state of doubt:

Step 1- remind yourself your goals

Step 2- take a deep breath

Step 3- take the next action AS IF you are your future goal crushing phenom

Step 4- get back to trusting the process

Repeat these steps as often as needed and keep doing your thang girl!  I believe in you.  I believe that you are worth every minute you invest in yourself.  And might I add, you are a master of this long game!