90% of the ladies I meet in the gym give me the same old line, “I got off track and I need help getting back in the swing of things”.  Last thing you know is that you were killing it in the gym and staying on track with your salads then BAM! You haven’t workout legit in weeks, your body is achy and you feel like a puffer fish from all the processed junk you’ve been shoving down your face because you just can’t stahhhpit!  Sister girl, let me tell you, this is called life. And surprisingly you aren’t alone, we all get off track.

I remember years ago when we were starting our business and having a brand new baby girl, I stopped working out for months.  Y’all! I am a health and fitness professional who eats, sleeps and breathes all things fitness and wellness and I was walking around a total hypocrite.  I fell off the wagon because of life.  Work got crazy, stressful, I wasn’t sleeping because I had a toddler, I ate on the go constantly and survived on protein bars, fast food or my toddlers left over chicken nuggets.  My adrenals were shot and I was on a runaway train. I was a total hot mess express!

I knew I needed to make a change when I just couldn’t stand being in my own skin.  I had let myself go to a place I had never been and didn’t like it.

So what did I do?  I started making small changes that I could control.


10 minute yoga stretching sessions.

Sitting down to eat 3 meals a day.

Practicing a shit ton of grace.

Often times when we find ourselves in a hole of despair, we start guilt tripping, shaming and degrading ourselves.  It’s our natural instinct because in our hearts, we know that person we have become is not the heart of what we are.  It’s easy to see the negative and point all ten fingers at it.  It’s much harder to recognize the negative and encourage ourselves to overcome.

If you find yourself off the wagon so to speak, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the best version of you.  Soak her in.  Think about the choices that version of you would make in regards to food and fitness.  See how that highest version of you lives her best life full of confidence and freedom.  Breathe her in.  Open you eyes and start thinking like her.  Start making choices right now like her.  YOU ARE HER.  Do the little things that make the biggest impact.  Maybe it’s prioritizing sleep or hiring a fitness coach for guidance and accountability.  Perhaps you need to set some boundaries in your life that allow you to focus on you.  Whatever it is, take that first step right now.

Falling off the wagon happens to everyone.  How you get back on is up to you!