We all can use a little bit of help that is for sure! When it comes to your fitness and workout regime, accountability comes from a village of support. That is why I love having my in person group of ladies to stay accountable to AND my besties in the world wide web like YOU!

I used to prefer to only workout solo. Plug in the ear buds and do my thang. But then I embraced the idea of working out along side someone else, not necessarily rep for rep matching them and I found I actually like the accountability that comes with that. And as crazy as it sounds, a simple “check in” on social media to your tribe that gets you and encourages you is just as important as that face to face contact.

I recently did a 10 day challenge with 74 of my virtual fitness bffs. What happened at the end of ten days was pure magic!

This was so much fun!”

I really enjoyed this group and the encouragement they gave!!”

This is just what I needed to get me going and I plan on staying the course!”

I was definitely out of my comfort zone towards the end. This group was amazing!

Thanks for an amazing group of women who helped push me even on days I didn’t feel like workout out…just by y’all posting pictures it encouraged me to get mine done!!

74 ladies who knew each other virtually and came together as a stepping stone for each other to take massive action for 10 days! Action that otherwise would have been pushed to the back burner, skipped or ignored and regretted later. Action that preceded accountability to do the damn thing and produce a new confidence from within. Action that only a tribe of your own can keep you going on your worst days.

Women need support. We need support in so many ways that keeps us in line, calls us on our bullshit excuses and encourages us when we don’t believe in ourselves. We get support from coaches like myself, a tribe of like-minded women doing the same and from the security that we always have someone in our corner rooting us on and cheering loud for our wins with weight loss, becoming stronger mentally and physically and tackling the struggles we have fought for years.

My tribe is selective. I want to cheer on and root for women that truly want it. I want to have go getters like myself pushing me to become more, while I give them the biggest high five for achieving their goals we worked so hard for. My tribe is full of unicorns! Curious about how to join my tribe, work with me and take MASSIVE action in your fitness, nutrition and change the way you think? Check out my Transformation U program and lets start making some moves!

This isn’t for everyone and way different from traditional programs. We make lasting changes physically and mentally together. No restriction, no quick fixes and certainly no fluff when it comes to coaching. I am keeping it real and we are in this together! You in? Register HERE to get started right now!