There was a time in my life that I was too fat to cross my legs. I distinctly remember 5 years ago being 40lbs heavier, doing everything under the sun that I thought would get the weight off and feeling so discouraged and disconnected in my own body. It was awful.

A year plus post baby, I gained a whopping 60lbs total and was only able to shed 20 of those precious macaroni and cheese laden pounds. I was stuck. I was stuck like that for almost 2 years!

I knew all the tricks, except I knew too much. I worked myself into a metabolic rabbit hole where I was doing all the things and getting a standstill from my own bodies progress. I would go through days where I ate nothing but salads and protein shakes and then others full of chicken, rice and broccoli. I would run miles and painful miles and workout for 1.5 hours daily. I was frustrated, unhappy and in desperate need of a change in my body.

I knew it wasn’t right. I knew it didn’t feel right. I was stuck.

I was stuck until I started changing the approach. I stopped forcing things I thought I should be doing. I started listening to my body when it was hungry and learning the right cues. I traded running for lifting. I swapped intense workouts for gentle movement and sleep. I changed how I approached living life in my body.

This took some adjusting, time and lots of mind-F’s if you know what I mean. It seems totally logical to work harder to get faster results, right? Wrong! That shit worked in my early twenties and then it flew right out the door. I needed more than what I was giving it and in return my metabolism stopped responding.

Today I am at a place where I just eat the food. I do the workouts that feel right for each day and prioritize movement and rest always. It’s a simple formula that at one time seemed so complex to me but that was because I was WAY over thinking it.

Stop over thinking it girls.

The negative self talk, the forced workouts, the diets that Suzie Q is selling down the street are all bullshit in the grand scheme of things. If you’ve been struggling with a painful weight loss journey, try these 2 things:

1- start moving more. Moving in the sense of walking, swimming, gardening, gentle movements. I aim for a minimal 10 minute daily walk every day for mental clarity, Vitamin D and decreasing cortisol levels.

2- eat more of the good stuff. You are a very smart girl this I know! Tons of cookies aren’t healthy. Tons of green veggies are good. Just eat more of good stuff and less or minimal of the bad stuff. Simple.

It is possible to lose the weight, build confidence and love yourself and the process. Im currently working with 15 amazing babes who are all crushing it, losing weight, eating real food and learning how to train their body for success. I’d love to have you join us and grow with us! Click HERE for details about my Transformation U program! Got a question about if its right for you, shoot me an email at and we can hop on the phone and chat about it!