Your bootcamp, dance, spin, weekend miles or even yoga isn’t going to do anything to change the shape of your body. I hate to break that unfortunate news to you but I feel obligated to let you in on this missing key tip. Before you completely shun me away for knocking your beloved class, hear me out!

When you work in various aerobic classes, run 10+ miles each weekend and even put in the sweat in your kettlebell class, you are dropping body fat. A total YAY! However, you aren’t changing your shape. You just end up becoming a smaller version of your fatter self. Bummer when we are looking for some real physical changes.

Muscle tissue must be broken down under stress (heavy weight training) in order for it to rebuild, grow back stronger and even boost your metabolism that much more. This is your missing tip in your fitness programming journey!

So how do we incorporating strength training so we can build up to heavy strength training and start changing our shape?

1- start with your basics: squat, press, pull. On all these movements, you want to start with learning good form with minimal weight. As you build comfort and confidence with each you can start progressing every 1-2 weeks by upping the weight 5lbs for upper body and 10lbs for lower body movements. Check me out on Instagram for tips and details on form!

2- add in 2 days a week to begin with. Over time you will learn to incorporate the heavy into your favorite class programming and can even build up to 3-4 days of heavy strength training per week!

3- just start doing it! I know it can be super intimidating to step into “that side of the gym” but you’ve totally got it! Everyone is a beginner at some point and the more consistent work you put in to progress forward, you will not be there for long and start embracing and LOVING what heavy strength training is doing for your soul and your shape!

Don’t waste your time, energy and sweat on things that aren’t serving you and your body. Add in some heavy strength training to the classes you already love and start watching your body change shape! I’d love to hear your strength training journey or even your biggest fears with starting strength training, message me at