I was looking back through old photos the other day and went down a RABBIT HOLE. Considering I have over 30k photos on my phone (I know it is a lot and a real problemo), I was engulfed for quite some time. I scrolled back to over a decade ago. Before babies, before marriage, before life.

As I peered at a photo of me from one of my first fitness shoots, I told my husband “look at how small I was!”. I looked like a baby because I was only 22. On the surface I looked small, fit, together. But I also know what was hiding behind that picture. Tons of cardio, food deprivation and low self esteem. Also I had ZERO muscle definition.

Listen I could pick apart the do’s and don’t’s of getting fit but that’s not what this is about. It’s about knowing that every body shape you will own in your life time is a season reflection of that time. Right now, 4.5 months postpartum, my hips and my thighs are just a little thicker. Thicker with muscle growth, baby fat, breastfeeding water retention and some late night indulgences.

I know my body doesn’t rebound to it’s natural operating state post baby for about a year to a year and a half so why should I have any other expectations a shy 5 months after having my third child? I am no celebrity for sure that drops to a size 2 two months after giving birth!

So I’ll buy a bigger size jeans to get me through this Fall and be perfectly okay with it. The way I see it, I could hate my body and be miserable in comparison and self destruction OR I could embrace that this is just a season of where my body is currently and roll with it. Dress it, dress it down and let those thick thighs squat, lunge and carry my sweet baby all around this beautiful world!

If you are struggling with body image issues, think about your body as a season. It’s gonna change. Our bodies are literally morphing before us right now but we have no idea. Also know that just like our weather seasons, our body shape season takes time also. It takes weeks of work, commitment and clarity to change the shape of your body with weight lifting and diligent nutrition. It’s ok love, I am right there with ya!