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Fitness Foundations

This flagship program is my go to for women just getting started.  With easy to follow, learn and effective workouts, you will build your ideal base level for any fitness program.  Learning to do the basics really well is where all women should start when building a strong fit body.  I designed this with your ideal hormone response to drop body fat and build lean muscle the right way!

Summer of Strong & Fit

This Summer break away from all the distractions and actually come out stronger, more fit and energized!  In my 12 week training program you can follow quick, simple metabolic workouts that build muscle, lean your body out and still have time for all the fun vacations!  This is a week to week progression of high intensity workouts that can be done anywhere and it includes 2 weeks of vacation workouts!

Transformation U Coaching

My Transformation U program is a year long commitment to changing your mind, body and approach to living a fit healthy life.  Through my signature year long training program you get monthly workout plans, nutrition coaching to break away from the yo-yo diet and tons of accountability.  This program is for those ready to make a lasting change and transform their life!

Action Taker Academy

Ready to take action?  Stuck in the same rut and need to shake things up?  Action Taker Academy is ideal for those looking to start taking massive action in whatever has a road block in your life.  A step by step guide to break away from limiting beliefs, identify what’s holding you back and how to start making progress today! ($7)

JBFit Foodie Recipe E-Book

Love getting your weekly recipe Wednesday emails?  You will love this compilation of simple, healthy recipes that will not only taste delicious but your family will approve as well!  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and every thing inbetween, you will use these as your weekly go tos to feed you and your family!  And they serve all types of meal plans and goals to keep you on track! ($15)


Are you a busy professional woman struggling to find your purpose?  Maybe you’ve been super successful with your job, yet still look for more fulfillment from life.  If this resonnates with you, my Purpose to Passion blueprint is ideal to help identify your true calling, master marketing to your ideal client and start mastering the art of passion!  My step by step blueprint will take you out of your comfort zone and in to a place of growth! (FREE) 

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This FREE 30 day mindset reboot is perfect for busy moms who have put themselves on the back burner. Busy moms shouldn’t have to suffer with the hustle and bustle of your family, take time for you too!

7 Day Debloat

This FREE 7-day recipe book will enable you to feed your soul and meet your goals. Food should be easy, delicious and attainable at all levels. Download 7 Day Debloat program and drop some inches this week!